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Everest Ice and Water Systems

How a manufacturing company used strategy to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads 

Meet the client

Everest Ice and Water Systems manufactures ice and water vending and filtration machines for businesses across the United States. Everest has an amazing innovation story that produces more ice, uses less electricity and extends the life of their machines, allowing the company to deliver the value proposition of making machines better, faster, stronger. 


Everest had three key goals they hoped to address when they came to Brandpoint. They wanted to generate awareness for their brand and products, reach potential customers in relevant channels and drive leads to their sales pipeline.  
everest marketing example on phone


The Brandpoint strategy team collaborated with Everest to create a digital marketing plan to accomplish their three goals. They also planned to create content that would bring more value to their consumer base. They wanted content that discussed product advantages and innovation benefits of Everest products. 


The digital marketing plan called for updates to the Everest website that would improve overall user experience, optimizing the site to receive more conversions. Brandpoint developed an omnichannel strategy across the Everest blog, YouTube channel, Facebook and LinkedIn pages which allowed customers to connect with the brand and the Everest sales team. Pay-per-click campaigns and search engine marketing helped drive lead traffic and started to increase the numbers of sales and orders to a fever pitch.
everest blog example on screen


In a few short months, Brandpoint and Everest exceeded their original goals. The content resonated with prospects, helping Everest’s sales team connect in more meaningful ways. Everest had to start recruiting salespeople to fill new client demand.  
Conversions in January
(68% Increase)
  • Sales forms (1,274 submissions)
  • Sales calls (81 phone calls)
  • Sales emails (18 emails)
interactions & engagements
(62% increase)
  • ROI Calculators (3,190 interactions)
  • Video Views (2,230 plays)
  • Financing Requests (78 submissions)
  • Support Calls (9 phone calls)
  • PDF views (115 downloads)

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