This contact lens manufacturing company used health-focused media distribution to boost their discoverability 

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Meet the client

McDougall Communications is a strategic public relations agency that helps brands worldwide enhance their reputation. One of their clients is CooperVision, a company that manufactures soft contact lenses, including a line that slows the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children.


CooperVision wanted a way to share their thought leadership surrounding myopia in children to an audience specifically interested in health-related content. McDougall Communications worked with Brandpoint to create a campaign that positioned CooperVision as a thought leader in health products, elevated their sponsored content distribution to a new level, and supercharged their discoverability in their industry.
Cooper Vision Case Study


After working with the PR team at McDougall Communications, Brandpoint decided to launch this content campaign using Guaranteed Section Front for their media placements. This distribution tactic helped CooperVision earn Health section-front promotion on news sites like SF Gate and


By launching their branded article on the Brandpoint distribution network, McDougall Communications was able to boost the credibility of their brand’s image. This content was discoverable alongside editorial content on elite media sites, including publications where users go directly to read health-related articles.


Total Site Audience
164 M
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Retained Brand Mention
100 %
1.3 M

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