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Brandpoint’s Guaranteed Media Placements are a paid, branded feature article that is placed in our unrivaled network of the nation’s top news publications. It is guaranteed to get 140 million views, minimum, and 3,500 clicks. 

That’s the foundation of what we’ve been delivering to our clients for 25+ years. But it’s only the beginning. At Brandpoint, we’re not one-size-fits all. With our wide variety of add-ons, you can customize your placement to meet your specific needs. You can choose our foundational offering alone and get powerful results, or drive even more engagement with one or more add-ons. Mix and match to create the perfect placement to fit with your topic, the audience you want to reach, and your message.

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Guaranteed Engagement

Engage your target audience with a native advertising campaign promoting your content on publishers’ sites. Use Guaranteed Engagement to get even more mileage out of your placement with 3,500 clicks, guaranteed, to your content. You can target specific audiences by gender, interests, job title, income range and more. You’ll acquire at least 500 visitors who spend more than 30 seconds with your content.

Guaranteed Traffic

Use Guaranteed Traffic to leverage interest in your branded content by driving traffic to a URL on your brand’s website. You can target specific audiences by gender, interests, job title, income range and more. It generates clicks to a landing page, where users can further engage and explore your brand’s site. What’s guaranteed? The 3,500 clicks to your content in 4-6 weeks.

Guaranteed Multimedia Engagement 

Guaranteed Engagement with the power of multimedia. Multimedia content boosts engagement to an average 2 minutes 30 seconds. That’s a huge level of engagement on a rapidly clickable medium. Multimedia comes with a guaranteed 3,500 clicks to the content on the publisher site as well as 500 engaged visitors. We’ll create a custom ad to drive even more targeted users to your content.

Guaranteed Section Front 

Front and center! One of the most powerful options Brandpoint offers, Guaranteed Section Front puts your content on the section fronts of the top media markets in the U.S. It will improve the discoverability of your content by placing your headline alongside local editorial content on the Health, Home or Business section landing page in top media markets across the U.S. This gives your content credibility, gravitas and importance. Simply put: You’ll get noticed!

Business Journals 

Imagine your content in The Business Journals, the nation’s premier publisher of print and online local business news. BizJournals covers 40+ cities across the country and boasts 10 million readers. Inclusion of your content in this highly-respected publication lends credibility and importance. Share your message with their readers, either nationally or targeted locally by individual market. And never worry your content will be trapped behind a paywall!

Guaranteed Print Placements

Elevate your brand with guaranteed spots in top-tier newspapers nationwide. Choose your layout, stay true to your brand, and trust us to make a real impact in print media. Choose from half-page or quarter-page layouts to showcase your message exactly as you envision it. And rest assured, your content stays true to your brand, with no edits from the publisher.

Social Promotion 

Leverage the power of social media to spread your message even further. This option is about promotion of your content from publications’ social media channels, namely their Facebook or Instagram pages, or both. You’ll appear in the feeds of top-market publications. Then repost it to your own social accounts to bolster engagement even more!

Additional add-ons

Spanish Translation and Distribution

Make your content more accessible to the Hispanic/Latino market with translation services and distribution to Spanish-language publications. Speak to the fastest-growing consumer market in the country in their language to drive even more engagement.


Video Placement 

Power up your placement with a video to bring your story to life. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, and viewers retain 95% of the message as opposed to 10% from text alone. We can distribute a client-supplied video or create one for you in-house.


Infographic Creation and Placement 

Infographics are perfect for data-heavy content. They combine your data points with engaging design to create a visual that really pops! Infographics allow readers to quickly digest your message in a fun and memorable way. We can distribute an infographic you create yourself or design one for you in-house.

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