Guaranteed Traffic

Why Guaranteed Traffic?

Use Guaranteed Traffic to leverage interest in your branded content by driving traffic from your target audience to a URL on your brand’s website. It generates clicks to a landing page, where users can further engage and explore your brand’s site.

How do we ensure you reach your target audience? You can target based off of gender, interests, job title, income range and more!

What’s guaranteed? The 3,500 clicks to your content in 4-6 weeks.

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How it works

How do you know the Guaranteed Traffic add-on is right for you? Here’s exactly how it works:

A powerful addition to your campaigns

Unrivaled Publisher Network

We can help you boost your own brand site traffic. We have cultivated strong, ongoing partnerships with the most elite publishers. Added bonus: we get preferred pricing, too, which we pass on to you.
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Reach Your Target Audience

There is no other content company on the planet that help you reach your target audience and can guarantee these results: 140-170 million site audience, 950 print & online placements, 3,500 clicks in 4-6 weeks
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Unbeatable Customization Options

We can also provide a variety of add-ons to help you reach your goals including content creation, photo sourcing, video, rush delivery, and Spanish language translation and distribution
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Guaranteed results

Customize your campaign

Our offerings are NOT one size fits all. To optimize our Guaranteed Traffic, we offer a variety of campaign options that are designed to mix and match to create the precise fit for your content. The idea is to build the perfect placement, a bundle specifically customized for your unique needs. Some ideas:

Not sure what’s best? That’s why we’re here. We’ve got you.

Our work in action

“From initial planning calls with the editorial team to the turn-key editing process, the workflow always meets expectations. Content was delivered on time for internal AAOS review and distribution ensured placement in publications and websites where patients go to read health-related articles.”
Deanna Killackey, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Publishers we work with

Guaranteed Engagement

Engage your target audience with a native advertising campaign promoting your content on publishers’ sites. Use Guaranteed Engagement to get even more mileage out of your placement with 3,500 clicks, guaranteed, to your content. You can target specific audiences by gender, interests, job title, income range and more. You’ll acquire at least 500 visitors who spend more than 30 seconds with your content.

Guaranteed Section Front 

Front and center! One of the most powerful options Brandpoint offers, Guaranteed Section Front puts your content on the section fronts of the top media markets in the U.S. It will improve the discoverability of your content by placing your headline alongside local editorial content on the Health, Home or Business section landing page in top media markets across the U.S. This gives your content credibility, gravitas and importance. Simply put: You’ll get noticed!

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