Custom branded content solutions for your next awareness campaign

Guaranteed Media Placement

Secure high-quality placements in both online and print publications through sophisticated sponsored content distribution. Partner with Brandpoint to enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility with guaranteed results with our flagship service.

  • Industry-Leading Distribution Network 
  • Comprehensive Reporting 
  • Diverse Content Formats 
  • Spanish Language Distribution
  • Regional Targeting Options

Guaranteed Traffic and Engagement

Boost your content’s visibility and engagement with Brandpoint’s Guaranteed Traffic and Guaranteed Engagement solutions. Drive targeted traffic to either your site or the publishers’ site and ensure your content resonates with your audience with guaranteed results.

  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Advanced Targeting Options 
  • Comprehensive Customization 
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Drive Clicks and Views

Multimedia Engagement

Enhance your content strategy with Brandpoint’s Guaranteed Multimedia Engagement. This solution combines various content formats to create an immersive online experience, boosting audience engagement and ensuring your message resonates. 

  • Multiple Format Options
  • High Engagement Rates 
  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Strategic Publisher Network 
  • Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

Branded Content Additions

Elevate your content strategy with Brandpoint’s library of customizations. Our Guaranteed Media Placements provide a solid foundation with placement and reach. Enhance your campaign further with our customizable add-ons to target specific audiences and maximize engagement. 

  • Guaranteed Section Front 
  • Business Journals 
  • Guaranteed Print Placements 
  • Social Promotion

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