This financial services client used Guaranteed Section Front content promotion tactics to share their thought leadership content with business audiences

Meet the client

Visa is a financial services corporation and long-time Brandpoint partner. Visa facilitates electric funds transfers throughout the world.  


Looking to gain more visibility with an elite audience of business readers in the Minneapolis market, Visa came to Brandpoint hoping to find a way to reach that audience while speaking on the topic of helping small businesses succeed through economic instability.  


One of Brandpoint’s newest product offerings, Guaranteed Section Front, added a distribution layer that allows partners to distribute to a targeted, high-caliber business audience. This option would allow Visa to get the promised number of placements that Brandpoint always guarantees through a high-end distribution, while also putting them in front of top decision-makers in an extension called The Business Journals Network. 


The Guaranteed Section Front option allowed Visa to share timely content that will live indefinitely on The Business Journals Network website and is accessible outside of the paywall, making it easy for readers to find and share on other platforms. The network of business journals reaches an elite audience of business readers in 46 key U.S. markets. While you can choose to target your campaign nationally or in a few different locations, Visa chose to focus on the Minneapolis market. 


Visa received great exposure for this campaign to a strong audience of business decision makers. The campaign received over 250 brand awareness hours, 244K impressions and reached a quality audience of C-level executives and small business owners. The article was placed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal website and newsletter. 

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