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From agencies to internal PR and marketing teams, our media placements fill out any branded content campaign

In our 25+ years as branded content experts, we’ve worked with industries like PR, health care, nonprofits and associations, B2B, B2C, home and garden and many more. We have a deep understanding of these industries, their goals and what makes them — and their customers — tick. We are the experts in how best to reach their current audiences and also how to broaden that reach exponentially.

You know your audience and business the best. Our professional journalists are talented storytellers who create branded content in your voice, and our unrivaled publisher network guarantees that your brand will be seen by millions of the right people.

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Public relations agencies go the extra mile to get coverage for their clients, but especially now, editors are overwhelmed with pitches. You can’t possibly guarantee that your clients’ content will be picked up, be featured above the fold or run in perpetuity. Brandpoint can. Your clients’ content will not only be picked up by the most elite publications in the country, it will be seen by millions of people. Guaranteed.

From brand awareness campaigns, crisis communications and product launches, we’ve partnered with the top PR agencies in the world to support their brands’ efforts.

Targeted brand awareness for associations and non-profits

We help associations and nonprofits reach a wider audience to get the message out about their important work and educational campaigns. We’re the experts in crafting and distributing advocacy-themed content, and after decades of partnering with top publications, we know the types of articles that editors are eager to publish. We work with any budget to target the people you want to reach, fast.

We’ve worked with clients like Ad Council, The Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. You could be next!

Get your business and B2B content in front of hundreds of millions

Thought leadership, executive visibility, social advocacy and corporate social responsibility campaigns — we’ve done it all. Our branded content solutions fit perfectly into any business-related campaign, whether you have a B2B client or work directly with a brand in-house. From section-front promotion on the Business section of major online publications to full campaigns in the Business Journals network, we can promote a bylined article to greatly boost your brand’s awareness.

Branded content for healthcare and pharma brands

With our deep experience in the health care market, we can place your health-related content on section-front pages of elite news websites and position it alongside editorial health headlines, guaranteed. Whether it’s the latest tactics to beat cold and flu season, ways to improve the quality of sleep, breakthroughs in hearing aids or myriad other health and wellness topics, we have the expertise to not only write these articles but place them in the most elite publishing networks in the country.

Pharma content presents unique challenges due to regulations and industry nuances. We specialize in creating and distributing pharma content to health-focused editors and publications as well.

Promote your home and garden content on thousands of sites

Home-related content is one of the most widely read and popular subjects out there. Our premium distribution solutions get your content front and center in Home sections of top-tier media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and many more — with guaranteed placement and never behind a paywall. With such a wide potential audience, we use our expertise to craft the perfect message, whether it’s a listicle, bylined article, thought leadership piece, an infographic or a video.
Plus, we can help you schedule your campaigns for each holiday and season for maximum engagement!

Reach consumer audiences online — guaranteed

No matter your end product, you need eyes on your product. To help your PR campaigns reach full potential, we can help. From food to entertaining to manufacturing to pets to weddings, our branded content solutions can get your brand in top media sites guaranteed, with the option for print, section-front promotion, guaranteed traffic and engagement, and more.

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