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See how this nationally-known organization helped their partners reach specific audiences through demographic targeting and Spanish language distribution

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Reach the right audiences through targeted distribution

The Ad Council has been a well-known name and trusted brand in advertising since World War II, and the organization is responsible for a number of famous campaigns such as Smokey Bear and “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” 

Their campaigns are national in scope, and since they’re a non-profit, it’s important to find cost-efficient ways to both achieve broad geographical distribution, as well as getting their messages in smaller, hard-to-reach markets. Brandpoint’s MAT Release creation and distribution offering has helped the Ad Council reach an average of over 209 million unique visitors. 



The MAT Release adapts to any campaign's needs

Spanish language distribution 

Many of the Ad Council’s campaigns are relevant to Spanish speakers, so it was important to their organization to reach those audiences. Brandpoint’s Hispanic distribution network consists of U.S.-based Hispanic news sites, as well as daily and weekly newspaper sites.

Multiple targeting options available

The Ad Council worked with Brandpoint to make sure their campaigns reached the right eyes, working with any level of campaign budget. Distribution targeting options include geographic location, device, demographics, and more.



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