About Brandpoint

Who we are

Innovation has been in our DNA since 1996. We got our start by providing brands with industry-leading content distribution, but we soon transformed into the primary storytelling partner for our clients who wanted to stay ahead of quickly changing media trends.

Today, we are a full-service, comprehensive content marketing agency. Our 20+ year legacy has made us one of the most trusted content partners in the biz – and, most importantly – one of the most passionate.

We thrive when we see content in action. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, web traffic, qualified leads or sales, we empower brands with high-quality content and a data-driven approach that gets real, measurable results that grow business.

How we work

We are dedicated practitioners of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) and have experienced its power to provide focus and growth for our business. This model positions our employees for success through a shared vision, core values, accountability and a focused, practical structure. We enjoy sharing these principles with our clients, which is reflected in our content marketing process and the way we work every day.

How we evolve

In the last two decades that we’ve been in business, a lot has changed in digital media. Though our core focus and values have stayed the same, we continue to adjust and improve our content solutions to help our clients cut through the noise of a flooded online landscape.


Our  leaders

An entrepreneurial content marketing agency needs passionate leaders. Meet ours.

Todd DeLong

Laurie Etchen

Katy Gilligan

Adam McBroom

David Olson

Mike Paul

Gary Pedersen

Scott Severson

Carrie Wyman

Core values

Our goal is simple: Build a great company and a rewarding place to work by delivering results for our clients.


We use content to help our clients reach their goals to build a better business and give our employees the knowledge and skills to build better careers.


We value creativity, brainstorming and collaboration to provide you with innovative content solutions that help your business thrive.


Great things cannot be built without passion. We’re deeply passionate about the clients we serve, the company we’ve built and the people who power it.

Client Elation

Our greatest success comes from providing outstanding results and being a great company to work with. Our clients expect more than “satisfaction” and that’s how we build our company.


Respect is the foundation of building trust with our clients and among ourselves. It’s the greatest tool at our disposal to deliver success and enhance our relationships with clients and employees.

Quality of Life

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment where our employees are able to balance a challenging and rewarding career with a healthy and fulfilling life.


We like living in an environment where quality and expediency go together. We think “in a hurry” doesn’t mean “hastily” and our clients deserve our best work on their deadline.

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