Digital Reporting and Metrics

Monitor the reach of your message

Your branded content, an expertly crafted message saying just what you want it to say, is ready to go. Now, our distribution team takes over and gets it out there into the world and soon, your content is in front of, literally, millions of people. Tracking your content on its journey? That’s the fun part.

With our personalized dashboard and reporting, you get up-to-the-minute intel about where your content is published, how many clicks it gets, and so much more. Our deep reporting shows you exactly who, what, where, when and how, with hard numbers, links and metrics.

This way, you’re fully prepared to report back to your clients and stakeholders exactly how you performed and what these metrics mean for your campaign’s success. 

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Distribution metrics

Metrics that we provide include:

  • Content statistics: Title of your content, its distribution date, removal date, word count and print downloads, if applicable.
  • Placement metrics: Total site audience, number of placements for online and print, and the ROI you’ve earned.
  • Interactive distribution map: A breakdown of your placements by region, and more fun than that: each dot on the map is clickable, showing the name of the publication where your content appears and how many views it has, further broken down by the channel, either desktop or mobile.
  • Distribution highlights: Where our branded content was placed, how large an audience saw it, and the regions where it’s doing the best.
  • Online placements: A clickable list features a direct link to every publisher site where your content appears, along with info about where the publication is located, its total audience, desktop audience and mobile audience. 
  • Print placements: If you’ve purchased print in addition to online distribution, you can see any actual clips of the article in the publication where it appears. 

Brand Site Engagement and Traffic

If you have purchased any of our Guaranteed Traffic and Guaranteed Engagement offerings, you’ll see a dashboard showing metrics for:

Traffic achievement

These numbers are broken down by the clicks we guarantee and the clicks you actually get. Your actual numbers will be higher.

CTR benchmark

This shows the benchmark and your actual click-through rate.


The number of total visits to the landing page and the click-through rate.


This is the total number of appearances on the network. You’ll top 1 million, guaranteed.

Click guarantee

This is the percentage of how many more clicks you’ll receive above our guarantee.

Branded content consulting 

In addition to metrics, our team provides tips and tricks for you to extend the already enormous reach of your brand message. It’s about what you can do to augment what we’re doing, including sharing on social media, repurposing your content into another form, posting it on your website, and more.

Guaranteed results: Telling your success story through visuals

Through our visual and interactive reporting, you can tell your success story in a powerful way. Whether you’re a PR agency who just hit it out of the park for a client with the branded content we’ve created and distributed, or a direct client who is using our service for yourself, this reporting area of the HUB illustrates how far your content is reaching, who is reading it, how they’re reading it and the regions of the country where it is resonating.

It’s a picture of how you’ve engaged your audience, with Brandpoint’s help.

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