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Our content promotion creative team will turn your brand’s story into engaging visual content

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To create the best content promotion campaign, you need a lot of hands on the project. Brandpoint has an entire team of in-house creators, from writers to graphic designers to videographers, that will immediately be on your team, helping you to develop and deliver the most effective sponsored content for your brands.  

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Our graphic design team will bring your story to life

65% of digital marketing leaders state that visual assets are “imperative to brand story communication.” We think the written word is powerful, but a compelling graphic design allows your audience to spot your brand without having to read a single word of copy. 

  • Blog graphics 

  • Email images 

  • Whitepaper and eBook design  

Infographics share your message with easy-to-understand visual storytelling

Infographics remain an essential part of communications and marketing strategies, especially for brands that deal with complex or data-heavy topics. By distilling your information into an eye-catching visual, you’ll be able to present your message in a simple and compelling way without overwhelming users with dense reports and technical jargon.

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72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video, and especially now that we live in a hybrid world, using videos to humanize your brand and connect with audiences is an essential part of any content promotion plan. Our team can create videos to help with any campaign goals.  

  • Animated explainers 
  • Thought leadership messaging   
  • Social media marketing  

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