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At Brandpoint, our professional writers and editors are the experts in creating powerful, impactful branded content. Our team produces carefully crafted storytelling that shines a light on who you are and what you stand for, communicating your brand in ways that will connect deeply with your audience.

Our team is made up of professional journalists, many of whom have worked at the very publications where your content will appear. They know how to write and edit a story like a journalist because they are journalists. So your message will not scream “Advertorial!” to the reader.

That’s a critically important part of our success. And, that’s not just our opinion.

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Professional editors: Proofreading services

Writing is only the beginning part of the process at Brandpoint. Your content goes through the same sort of rigorous editing that ensures the quality of any other content in the prestigious publications we work with. Our team of highly-experienced editors must sign off on it before we distribute it, period. 

Adhering to the Associated Press Style gold standard used by most publications, our editors put their deep knowledge to work for your content. We guarantee your content will go through two pairs of editorial eyes before goes out the door.

But spelling errors and grammar fails aren’t all they’re scrutinizing. They also look for:

  • Sentence structure and flow
  • Whether the links are clickable and the URLs are correct
  • Names and titles are spelled correctly throughout
  • Industry standards about what can and can’t be published
  • Disclaimers that may be needed (if it’s a medical subject or deals with something like alcohol use).

Professional writers: Writing services  

Our team of writers creates many types of content for our clients, including:

Feature articles are narratives that tell a story, typically about a person, event, trend or idea. They can be thought leadership pieces, case studies that highlight success stories, or pieces on timely topics of interest highlighting your business.

These are articles that typically include several bullet points. The Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2024. Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa. Tips for Getting Your Teenager to Talk at Dinner. They’re fun, informative and easy to read. Listicles are among the most popular, engaging content we produce.

Infographics use imagery and words to tell a story in a visual way. Long on graphics and short on words, infographics are especially effective for brands with data-heavy topics that can be distilled into an eye-catching visual to better engage consumers.

Videos should be short, punchy and to the point, and can include live action, animation or a combination of both.

Multimedia content is a powerful way to tell a story through a combination of text, voice, video and other formats. We use pull quotes, slides, polls, stats, and more.

Don’t know which type is best-suited for your message? We’ve got your back on that. During the creation process, many clients choose to have a collaboration meeting with our writers. In it, we talk about your message, your ideas of how best to get it out there and angles that will produce high engagement rates.

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Unrivaled Publisher Network

We are granted those partnerships because our publishers know we produce stellar, powerful, journalistic-quality content that stands seamlessly alongside their own.
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Site Audience

Brandpoint is the undisputed leader in creating and placing branded content for a reason. Our average results are 1,000 print and online placements, with a site audience of 140-170 million. Engagement? 3,500 clicks per article. We guarantee those numbers. And they're on the low end.
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Custom Add-on Options

We can also provide a variety of add-ons to help you reach your goals including photo sourcing, video, rush delivery, and spanish language translation and distribution
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Publishers we work with

Our work in action

“From initial planning calls with the editorial team to the turn-key editing process, the workflow always meets expectations. Content was delivered on time for internal AAOS review and distribution ensured placement in publications and websites where patients go to read health-related articles.”
Deanna Killackey, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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