Literacy Matters

How a small, non-profit gained greater awareness, reached larger audiences, earned more Facebook followers and increased traffic to help close the literacy gap and help kids

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Closing the Literacy Gap

The Literacy Matters Foundation is a team of educators, content experts, technology gurus and strategists who have come together to help students master literacy by leveraging technology, refining curriculum, nurturing relationships and painting a vision of the world where we’re all on the same page. The keystone for achieving the organization’s vision is delivering an evidence-based reading approach on a platform that is relevant for today’s student.
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Reaching A Broad Audience with Comprehensive Tools

When Literacy Matters approached Brandpoint, they needed to get more exposure across a wide range of audiences through several different marketing channels. As one of its principal beliefs, Literacy Matters believes “Illiteracy is an everyone, everywhere problem.” That being said, it was important that the marketing efforts performed by Brandpoint would 1: reach as many people as possible in the priority geographic area, targeted for greater school expansion, and 2: educate audiences across web, traditional, video, social and many more channels.

Content Marketing Goals

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Distributed story across publisher networks, driving increased web visits.

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Considerable increase in followers and engagement.

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Multiple pieces of media coverage, content information and social shares.
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Bringing Valuable Results to Serve the Cause

Tammie Follett, Executive Director of Literacy Matters, enjoyed working with the Brandpoint team to get the most out of their efforts. “The Brandpoint team was excellent. They made it so easy to work together and implement the campaign. The Guaranteed Multimedia Engagement campaign was very effective in growing our awareness.” She was very pleased about the power of the multimedia visual content to create an immersive, interactive experience for their targeted readers.

Even more exciting, Literacy Matters received 1,003 people connected through Facebook; valuable media coverage in key markets including Albany, San Francisco, Connecticut and Texas; and more than 18% more traffic on its website within the timeframe of the campaign. The Literacy Matters clicks were way above the benchmark of 3,000 and engagement time on their site improved to 30 seconds more time spent with the content.

Tammie and her team were very impressed with the exposure they received via Social Promotion and how they could use links within posts and distribute coverage and content through their newsletter audience of 3,000 people. They also enjoyed how Brandpoint used multimedia to showcase their social media content, products and quotes.

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