This manufacturer utilized Brandpoint’s full-funnel content marketing solutions to get noticed by a major retailer

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Staying up-to-date in the manufacturing industry

Founded in 1985, Quarrix Building Products is a leader in the high-quality roofing solutions industry and builds USA-manufactured products. However, after 30 years in the business, Quarrix wanted a modern and measurable way to generate brand awareness and product demand. They re-focused their brand to appeal to two main audiences and decided to work with Brandpoint to reach their marketing goals.

Reaching more people with distribution and content optimization

A partnership with Brandpoint offered a variety of solutions that helped Quarrix. Brandpoint’s Guaranteed Media Placement service enabled them to tell their stories to a large audience in a consumer-focused way, which led to enhanced credibility and retail distribution of new products. In addition, Brandpoint’s team helped the Quarrix brand by creating optimized content, which elevated them in search engine rankings and told compelling, relevant stories that audiences connected with and shared with their social networks.   

Content Marketing Goals

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Thought Leadership

Brandpoint created a content strategy that displayed Quarrix’s knowledge and expertise that built consumer confidence in their product’s values.

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Educate Homeowners

Optimized blog posts were created with social distribution in mind, sparking conversations with buyers on home-focused social platforms. 

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Educate Contractors

A more technical approach to the content was created that featured the key benefits contractors would enjoy when using Quarrix products in their work.


By utilizing Brandpoint’s distribution network, Quarrix’s content had an audience reach of over 200 million. This content was placed on top-tier media sites, including the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle. Additionally, Quarrix was recognized by the national hardware retailer Menards, which began including the Minneapolis-based company’s products in their stores around the country.  

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