The Future of the PR Industry: Top 6 Trends [Infographic]

PR professionals thrive on anticipating the future needs of their audience and clients when it comes to communication and messaging. We’re no exception.

In December 2022, we partnered with Drive Research to survey 200 PR professionals in companies of varying size and market presence to find out just what these practitioners are expecting in both 2023 and three years from now. And honestly, we found a lot of really exciting information.

This infographic goes over the top six trends we’ve pulled from the data, but we encourage you to download the full research report to get the whole story. The eBook includes quotes from those surveyed and dives into stats supporting each of these trends and more. (Including questions like “How many PR workers are working in the office full-time?” and “What are you using third-party vendors for, exactly?”)

PR Agency Survey Infographic 2023

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