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Why Use Branded Content?

Branded content¬†is a form of marketing that involves sharing content (articles, infographics, videos, social media posts and more) that tells a story about your brand. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, branded content does not directly promote your products or services. Instead, it creates connections with your audience by sharing what’s at the heart of your business.

The key to branded content is expertly crafted storytelling that shines a light on who you are and what you stand for, communicating your brand in ways that will connect deeply with your audience.

Why should you use branded content to get your message out there? Let’s look deeper into this powerful marketing tool.

Branded content builds brand trust

Because branded content isn’t in-your-face promotional but instead tells a story about your brand, consumers tend to trust it. No hype, all heart. A recent study by Time Inc. found¬†two out of three consumers trust branded content¬†more than traditional advertising, and according to Nielson, that number goes up if the content is¬†written by professional journalists and distributed through major publishers.

Interestingly, a similar study by¬†Toolkits¬†and National Research Group echoes that, finding 71% of consumers say that engaging content from a brand makes them trust it more … but that same number, 71%, say poor quality content from a brand makes them trust it less.

Brandpoint has your back on that.

Branded content has stronger audience retention

Branded content isn’t just advertising. It’s not catchy slogans with a fun image. It’s a targeted way to connect with consumers, aligning your brand with their values. Using branded content, you can share stories consumers will resonate with and remember.

It has been proven to be highly effective. A¬†Nielsen¬†report found branded content produced¬†86% brand recall. And according to the¬†International Journal of Advertising, branded content is¬†22 times more effective¬†than traditional advertising. Here’s why:

  • Increases brand awareness and perception.¬†Branded content cements a brand into the awareness of the buying public, and can boost your public perception.
  • Generates emotion.¬†The best branded content is storytelling that evokes emotion. That feeling will resonate with your audience and linger long after they read it.¬†
  • Increases audience engagement and loyalty.¬†Storytelling engages people in ways that advertising simply can’t, allowing people to identify with your product, not just buy it.¬†
  • Supports multi-channel marketing efforts. Branded content can integrate with your other marketing and advertising efforts on various channels like social media, email or your website. It’s part of creating a consistent message.
  • Boosts the bottom line. When done well and consistently, branded content enriches your marketing and communication mix, which ultimately makes your company more successful.¬†

Branded content differentiates you from competition

There are a lot of mid-sized SUVs out there, but only one brand you instantly associate with outdoorsy people who love dogs: Subaru. There are a lot of companies that make body wash and deodorant, but only one that you immediately associate with body positivity: Dove. That’s the power of branded content. It helps you stand out from the crowd by communicating your company zeitgeist, not just your product. Here’s how:

Showcase what makes your company unique.¬†Industry jargon calls this your “unique value proposition.” We tend to think of it as your company’s heart and soul. It’s about connecting with your audience and drilling¬†down¬†into why your product or service is the solution they need.¬†

Tell a story. Branded content lets you tell your story, highlight your mission, reveal your values. While your competition is just highlighting their product or service, you are telling customers who you are. 

Provide thought leadership. Branded content is a great forum to position your company as a thought leader, an expert, a wise voice in and about your industry. 

Build community. Dove is a great example of a brand that builds community through branded content. They are a leader in body positivity, and everything they do reinforces that message. And they build community through interaction on social media. 

Branded content allows you to share your purpose 

It’s not enough for a company to have a great product or service. Increasingly, consumers care about a company’s social responsibility and values, too. Some¬†70%¬†of consumers now want to know what brands they support are doing about issues like the environment and social problems, and 46% think about it carefully before making a purchase. They’ll switch brands to align better with a company’s social responsibility.¬†

Not surprisingly, younger consumers are leading the way in this, prioritizing social and environmental consciousness, and will actively seek out companies that are in step with their own values. 

That’s why it’s important to use branded content to tell your story, communicate your values, shout what you care about. No other form of marketing can come close to doing it as well as branded content can.¬†

At Brandpoint, we are the experts at crafting powerful, impactful branded content, written and edited by professional journalists, and distributing that content to our unrivaled network of publishers. We guarantee your story will reach 150 million people and get 3,500 clicks. Minimum. 

Nobody else out there has the power, expertise and network to make that guarantee.

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