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The Future of the PR Industry: 2023 Research Report

Brandpoint has partnered with Drive Research to conduct our first annual research report on the current and future state of the PR industry.

We surveyed 200 PR professionals in organizations of varying market presence and size to learn more about how their teams are working now and in the future. We asked these PR practitioners about trends and challenges, budget, social media, tools, metrics and more.

Some of the top trends we learned

  • 4 out of 5 PR professionals anticipate their budget will increase in 2023 and the next three years
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the top three used social media platforms in campaigns
  • 83% of PR professionals are interested in using AI in their strategy
  • Virtually every PR professional faced a challenge with thought leadership content
  • Business changes, DEI, economic issues, and goals and metrics all were top themes when asked for trends and challenges

We hope that professionals in the PR and communications world will use this report to see how their teams stack up against the common trends and themes in other organizations in the industry.

These stats and responses will act as a guide for those who wish to elevate their efforts in the PR space to match with consumers’ growing expectations in the digital world, whether it be through thought leadership content, innovative tools and platforms or exciting social media engagement.

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