Whether It’s Content Marketing or Healthcare, the Cheapest Solution Isn’t the Lowest Cost

I’ve been reading with interest the accounts of the widespread problems with the launch of Healthcare.gov, the web site that allows individuals to purchase healthcare under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

There are plenty of voices on both sides of the issue to discuss what went wrong and who is to blame, so I’ll leave that analysis to the pundits.  There’s a more important takeaway for those of us in business, though: Outside of our rising healthcare premiums, this situation is a reminder that the cheapest solution isn’t always the lowest cost.

While I appreciate that our government attempts to find the lowest cost solutions by finding the cheapest vendors, this strategy can often have unintended consequences, as we’ve seen with the Healthcare.gov web site launch. In fact, this is a case where the cheapest solution is likely the most expensive option. It’s going to cost taxpayers a lot more money to fix the site; the customer experience was horrible; it is a PR nightmare for the administration; and people will likely lose their jobs over the execution of this project.

So what does this have to do with Brandpoint and content marketing, and why am I commenting on politics in the first place?

What happened with Healthcare.gov happens every day in business.

Buyers are often incented to find the cheapest solution. When I hear from prospective clients, “I’m just looking for the lowest price”, it’s always a red flag for me.

I get that price is an important consideration when making any purchasing decision. But I think it’s the wrong question.

The real question to ask, whether you’re buying web development for the government or content marketing services for your business, is: “Where will I receive the greatest value?”At Brandpoint, we’re almost never the cheapest price you can find, and there’s a reason for that: Your brand is far too important to us to deliver anything less than exceptional work.

In the long run, quality content is the least expensive solution you can get.

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