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When to Launch Your MAT Release to Reach Your Target Audience

Quality branded content has the power to make each reader feel like it is speaking directly to him or her. For a piece to really resonate with readers, it needs to be relevant and timely. This will help your target audience trust the article and feel understood.

For example, a 59-year-old grandmother most likely won’t want to hear about how to get the most out of your first skydive. But adventurous Gen Z with disposable incomes may be interested in taking a risk or bringing a little more excitement into their lives. Knowing exactly who you are talking to will let you know exactly what to talk about – and how to deliver your message. But you will still miss the mark if you reach your audience and cannot convey a timely message that appeals to their priorities.

How to reach your target audience

Before starting a branded content campaign, you must have a clear understanding of who makes up your target audience.

What are their demographics? 

Age, gender, location, income and lifestyle.

What is their media usage is like? 

Do they prefer online, print or broadcast?

How do they shop?

Do they browse stores, shop online, rely on word of mouth or all three?

Are they individuals or companies? 

Are you targeting B2B? Look at company size, location and mission.

Engaging your target audience

Once you understand who you are speaking to, you can find the best way to reach them. It isn’t enough to know who you are talking to. Show your audience that you understand them and how you are relevant to their lives.

Be relatable: Use a tone that your target audience would use when talking about their interests, the issues they need resolved, or what they need to make their lives run smoother.

Look for piggyback partners: Find out if there is an opportunity for you to partner with another business that your clients routinely use.

Target timely events: Know dates and seasons that are important to your audience members. Learn how the time of year affects your audience.

Know where they are in the buying process: Does your audience need help solving a problem and are seeking a product, or do they want additional tips on how to best use a product?

Audiences vary greatly from product to product and seasonally, so a singular product may even have more than one target audience. Be sure not to utilize one mat release for multiple audiences. Your message will be muddled and neither group will feel like they can relate.

MAT Release distribution

When I watched the Olympics, it was easy to see that timing was everything. The accuracy needed to win the gold in a skeleton race is astounding.  Thankfully, your efforts to achieve success in the world of mat release distribution will require a little less precision.

“When should I launch my mat release?”

It’s a question that needs to be answered for every branded content marketing campaign. The key is to consider when an editor will need your story.

Most papers offer readers special tabs that feature holiday or seasonal content at certain times throughout the year. Think Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer travel or back-to-school. Staff editors generally begin putting the special sections together about one month prior to publication.

Most editors need extra content to include in these special tabs, and they often check out what Brandpoint has to offer. In fact, Brandpoint manages a detailed editorial calendar that is designed to coincide with the needs of publications, with special categories that launch each week.

What if your story can’t be perfectly timed with Brandpoint’s calendar? Well, we distribute your branded content, for 4 months. We don’t expect perfect accuracy from you! And remember, if the category is spring lawn and garden, spring comes earlier in Texas than it does here in Minnesota. Editors will be able to pick up that content and print it when it meets the needs of their readers.

Bottom line: Better to be early than late.

But remember: Last minute timing won’t work for print pick-up!  Editors need time to put their special sections together. When your content won’t be ready until the last minute, online distribution is the best option and makes for a timely story for readers.

Even in article distribution, timing is important. I’m just thankful we have a little more leeway than a skating pair trying to land a double twist. Learn more on how to create a successful branded content campaign!

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