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How Do You Use Branded Content?

Branded content marketing, where public relations and marketing strategies meet, is a great way to create captivating brand stories and engage your audience. In our latest PR survey, 200 PR professionals shared how they promote and distribute branded content to elevate their brand visibility and engagement. Explore the different ways PR professionals leverage branded content campaigns to drive brand awareness metrics, boost website traffic, and amplify their presence across paid, owned and earned media channels. Discover how branded content can transform your PR and marketing initiatives and provide multiple benefits for your brand.

Why use branded content?

Branded content offers many benefits for brands seeking a lasting impact. Survey recipients highlighted the advantages of using branded content, such as boosting brand awareness, driving targeted traffic to owned media assets, achieving conversion outcomes, and fostering authentic connections with their audience. By crafting engaging narratives and emotional connections, branded content has the power to inspire action, evoke sentiment and drive tangible results for your brand.

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How to promote branded content

Effective distribution and promotion strategies are essential for maximizing the reach and impact of branded content campaigns. Branded content campaigns are instrumental in elevating brand visibility and fostering audience engagement. By implementing brand awareness KPIs and metrics, brands can gauge the impact of their campaigns on generating website traffic and increasing brand recognition. By utilizing social media platforms and launching dedicated branded content campaigns, brands can engage with their audience and amplify their message effectively. Let’s explore the various avenues through which you can promote your branded content to achieve optimal visibility and engagement.

How professionals are distributing branded content from PR survey 2024

Social media outlets for branded content distribution

Social media platforms play a crucial role in distributing and promoting branded content to a wider audience. With the ability to reach and engage with diverse demographics, social media offers a dynamic space for sharing stories, engaging with followers and driving audience interaction. By leveraging social media outlets strategically, brands can enhance brand visibility, foster community engagement and drive traffic to their branded content.

Branded content campaigns for promotion and distribution

Branded content campaigns provide a targeted approach to promoting and distributing branded content across various channels. By curating compelling narratives and visuals tailored to specific audience segments, brands can maximize the impact of their content and drive engagement. Branded content campaigns offer a focused strategy for reaching key audiences and delivering personalized messaging that resonates with viewers. 

SEO-friendly content for branded content distribution

Through a cohesive approach to PR marketing, brands can leverage the strengths of each media channel to elevate their messaging, enhance brand recognition and achieve their marketing goals. Crafting SEO-friendly content is essential for enhancing the visibility and discoverability of branded content online. By optimizing content with relevant keywords, meta tags and linking strategies, brands can improve their search engine rankings and attract organic traffic to their branded content. SEO-friendly content ensures that your stories are easily found by search engines and reach a wider audience of potential readers and customers.

Securing media placements for content promotion

By strategically distributing branded content across different channels, brands can maximize their visibility, engage with diverse audiences and drive brand awareness. Securing media placements is a strategic approach to expanding the reach and impact of branded content campaigns. By collaborating with media outlets, journalists and influencers, brands can secure valuable coverage and endorsements that elevate the visibility of their content. Media placements enable brands to tap into established audiences, leverage credibility and amplify the reach of their branded content to a broader target demographic. Learn how to create a successful branded content campaign!

Email marketing for branded content distribution

Email marketing is a powerful tool for distributing and promoting branded content to targeted audiences. By crafting personalized and engaging email campaigns, brands can deliver their stories directly to subscribers’ inboxes, driving traffic to their content and fostering audience engagement. Email marketing allows brands to nurture relationships, drive conversions and amplify the reach of their branded content through effective communication and storytelling.

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Content promotion and paid ads for branded content

Content promotion, like our Guaranteed Engagement offering, and paid ads present opportunities to expand the reach and visibility of branded content campaigns through targeted promotional strategies. Branded content and product placement can easily be confused. Learn the difference!

By investing in paid advertising on digital platforms, brands can reach specific audience segments, boost engagement and drive conversions. Amplifying content through paid ads enables brands to enhance discoverability, increase brand exposure and achieve measurable results in their branded content distribution efforts. Advocacy content pairs well with branded content, learn how to make the most of your advocacy efforts

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