Branded Content FAQs

Branded content is a hot topic, but it can be confusing to know exactly what it is. Fortunately, branded content is our bread and butter at Brandpoint, so we are here to help answer your questions!

What is branded content? What does “branded content” mean?

Branded content is a form of marketing that involves sharing content, like articles, infographics, videos, social media posts and more, that tells a story about your brand. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, branded content does not directly promote your products or services. Instead, it creates connections with your audience by sharing what’s at the heart of your business. It can include articles, blogs, eBooks, listicles, whitepapers, videos, infographics, social media posts and other forms of content.

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Is branded content like a press release?

Branded content and press releases both aim to gain attention and engage an audience, but from there, they differ greatly.

A press release announces newsworthy events, product launches, achievements by a company and other news. It is short, to the point, and just the facts.

Branded content might include newsworthy events, but it also educates, entertains, inspires and engages with an audience to build brand loyalty and identity. It uses storytelling, not a “just the facts” format.

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How does branded content differ, if at all, from “sponsored” content?

It’s a very subtle difference. Branded content is expertly crafted storytelling that shines a light on a brand, and connects with an audience. Branded content becomes “sponsored content” when it is distributed in major publications. Branded content is what it is. Sponsored content is its label, attached to the content by the publication to make it clear it was not originated by that publication, but from an outside source.

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How can branded content help me? Why should I care about branded content? 

Branded content is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Companies use branded content to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve brand perception
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Create authority or “thought leadership” around a certain subject
  • Support multi-channel marketing efforts
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Get your message out without being too sales-y

Is branded content a byline? 

No, branded content is not a byline. It may be bylined, but usually it isn’t.

Can we include a quote? 

Absolutely! Quotes are powerful additions to your story.

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Can I include product mentions? 

Yes, you can (and should) include product mentions. But not too many! It’s a very fine line.

When branded content is too sales-y, it’s a turn-off for editors who may not pick up the blatant sales content and readers who will tune it out. For example, if you’re a grocery store chain running a list of fun appetizers to serve for an event like the Oscars, it’s far better to say: “Here are some delicious ideas from the kitchens at XZY Grocery Store,” than having each item on that list linked to the store. It’s a nuanced difference that gets your message across and ties you to it, without being in-your-face sales. 

But don’t worry about figuring this out yourselves. We have the experience! Our writers are experts at crafting these types of messages.

How do publishers find branded content? 

That’s our job. It’s one of the biggest values we offer our clients. At Brandpoint, we are the undisputed industry leader in content distribution. Your content will be viewed by millions of people nationwide, guaranteed.

How does Brandpoint guarantee pickup?  

With our unrivaled publisher network built over 25-plus years, we have ongoing partnerships with the most elite publishers on the planet, including Tribune, Hearst, LA Times and many more. Our average results are over 1,000 print and online placements, with a site audience of hundreds of millions. Average clicks: 3,500. Those are the incredible numbers we guarantee. 

How do I know my branded content is getting looked at? 

With our personalized dashboard and reporting, you get up-to-the-minute intel about where your content is published, how many clicks it gets, and so much more. Our deep reporting shows you exactly who, what, where, when and how your content is being viewed, with hard numbers, links and metrics.

Do you have more questions about branded content? We’ve got answers!

We’d love to chat with you and your team on how branded content is an essential part of any PR campaign. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get started

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