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Distribute your branded content to the biggest online publisher network in the industry

Reach an audience of hundreds of millions without pitching a single story

Wouldn’t you like to guarantee thousands of media placements for your next brand awareness campaign? With Brandpoint’s flagship service, you can. Our suite of branded content solutions can drive meaningful awareness and engagement for your next PR campaign. 

  • Average of 1,000 placements per distribution 
  • Over 140 million in site audience
  • No paywalls, no pitches, and no edits to your brand message
  • Multiple formats and targeting options at your fingertips
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Which branded content solution is best for you? 

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Guaranteed Media Placement >

Secure over 1,000 print and online placements of your sponsored content

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Guaranteed Engagement >

Supercharge your branded content with engagement amplification options

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B2B Placement >

Boost your brand’s credibility with business section-front placements


Connect with your Spanish-speaking audiences with targeted branded content

Let us help you access the Latino market in the U.S. through our network of Spanish-language publications online — an average of 850 placements. You can either run a campaign targeted directly to this audience or add-on to a pre-existing Guaranteed Media Placement distribution. 

We also offer Spanish language translation services.

Cutting-edge measurement and reporting tools

We pride ourselves on our guaranteed metrics, so of course, we want to help you showcase these results to your stakeholders in the best way possible.

Our online reporting dashboard focuses on readability and seamless navigation to make it easy to share campaign results, including placements, audience reach and engagement metrics. With supersized interactive maps, correlative pie charts and state-by-state placement maps, these reports are just another reason to choose Brandpoint for your distribution needs.

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Gain insights to the PR world with our 2024 industry report!

From AI to challenges with misinformation to an increase of budget, the PR industry has a lot to juggle in 2024. Our second annual Future of the PR Industry research report dives into all this and more, including trends, budget breakdowns, AI usage and metrics. Download the full report here

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