SEO Fact Versus Myth

Many conversations that small-business owners are subjected to on the topic of SEO are headache inducing. Supposed specialists bombard business owners with calls and emails filled with empty promises about what their SEO strategy can do to achieve new business leads. Avoid the scams.

What is SEO?

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, is a data-driven science. The sooner you incorporate SEO into a newly designed website the better performance you can achieve.

SEO packages vary, but a minimum package will have certain deliverables. An SEO content writing service should include keyword research to better understand the market you compete in, a review of your current site in order to find errors or improvements within the site structure, as well as basic training to help you keep up with the monitoring of your website’s performance.

Most importantly, SEO on its own cannot produce desired results without SEO-rich content. In order for your website to be “SEO enriched”, the keyword research analysis needs to be incorporated into the website content. Google rewards companies when they see a site is active with regular updates and is continually growing.

Content should be used to establish a brand’s identity. Whether through a blog, service pages, or news updates on your website, professionally written content will engage your audience and increase conversion rates.

Myths of SEO

Early SEO practices included repetitious content that would repeat phrases or unintelligibly list keywords. Google has updated its search engine numerous times since this was an acceptable practice.

Another harmful SEO practice is scam link building within a site. Only Google can exactly answer how they punish companies, but expect them to downgrade your visibility.

Most importantly, if someone is promising you a number one ranking on Google, call their bluff. This would be no different than guaranteeing that you can guess who will win the World Series at the beginning of the season.

For more information on SEO and Google best practices visit the Google Webmaster page.

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