7 Tips to Reach Consumers During the Holidays; Holiday articles; Holiday MAT Release

7 Tips to Reach Consumers in Print During the Holidays

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Can you believe we’re already planning for the fourth quarter of 2019? This is one of the busiest times of year for many companies, and preparation is in full swing for holiday articles.

A 2019 report has stated that holiday sales are expected to increase up to 5%, which would exceed $1.1 trillion from November through January.

To capitalize on the holiday and these sales trends, your brand can gain significant exposure by distributing a MAT release and reaching the audience of some of the nation’s largest print and digital newspapers.

Why newspapers are still an effective medium

The stats show that when it comes to getting trusted information, people rely on newspapers. 82 percent of U.S. internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium.

Plus, according to the same News Media Alliance research, 8 in 10 Americans read newspaper digital media each month. As consumers are looking for gift ideas and inspiration during the holiday season, distributing a MAT release will help you reach a large, engaged audience and build valuable brand reputation.

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Tips for writing a successful holiday MAT release

1. Play to your brand’s strengths

One of the biggest challenges with holiday articles is generating ideas that adhere to a holiday’s traditions, but also that hasn’t been covered ad nauseam. To write the best article, play on your brand’s strengths. Where is your expertise? What do you know a lot about? What can your article say that others cannot?

2. Write helpful content

Use your brand’s expertise to write a helpful article with new ideas and meaningful information.

Focus on tips and how-to content. Your article should answer readers’ questions, address a common concern or ease the stress about a specific issue.

3. Stay away from technical jargon

Newspapers have a large enough audience that it’s hard to identify who does or does not understand the technical details of certain industries. Including technical jargon may exclude a large part of your audience and will detract people from reading your article in full.

4. Break up text

Create an easy reading experience by using bullet points, numbers, bold copy, and/or short paragraphs. Breaking up the copy in this way helps readers easily find the information they’re most interested in. They’ll also be able to quickly understand what your article is about.

Seasonal MAT release

5. Limit your word count

MAT release articles are generally shorter than they used to be. We see most successful MAT release articles are now between 400-600 words. This shorter word count makes it easier for readers to scan and consume an article.

6. Do not include a specific holiday in the title

You don’t want to limit your audience by only writing for those who celebrate one specific holiday. Rather, use the word “holiday” in your content to encompass the general season. This gives you the ability to spread your message to a larger audience.

7. Include lifestyle photos

Include a high-quality photo in your article, most preferably a lifestyle photo that shows people interacting. A product photo is not as engaging and could make the MAT release look like an ad. If you want to include a product photo, it should only be submitted as a secondary photo. Just know it won’t appear on Brandpoint’s digital network.

Holiday MAT Release example

Popular holiday topics editors are looking for

A MAT release is an excellent option for brands who don’t want to be limited in creativity and messaging. You also have control over the copy and storyline, which is a benefit you don’t get when pitching ideas to writers and editors. Here are a few topics editors tend to pick up and consumers tend to enjoy:

1. Food

Baking and big family dinners are a holiday staple, and people are always looking for new recipe ideas and ways to save time on cooking. Your article could list the top condiments for holiday dinners or list no-bake appetizers. Another popular food topic is how to eat healthy during the holidays. This could list helpful tips for the top foods to avoid, or how to turn a popular treat into something more nutritious.

2. Gifts

You’ve probably experienced the struggle of coming up with inexpensive gift ideas for friends and family members. It’s tough! Offer ideas for specific interests such as outdoors types or bookworms. Show how to make a homemade gift item out of products you already have in your house. Or suggest ideas for a gift basket and include your product as one of the items. As long as your ideas are original and not over-the-top (an $800 electric device will not be realistic for everyone), your article will be helpful to readers.

3. Saving money

The holidays are known as one of the most expensive times of the year. Articles with ideas for saving money – on gifts, parties, travel and more – are always a popular topic among editors, and readers tend to flock to articles that give advice on how to cut costs without sacrificing results.

4. Entertaining

The holidays are perhaps the biggest entertaining season of the year. Help ease the stress of planning a festive gathering by giving advice on holiday decorating, cooking for large groups, games and activities, quick house preparation, easy cleanup and other topics that will help hosts throw a memorable party.

5. Traveling

Train, plane or automobile – so many people travel during the holiday season. Whether it’s hitting the red-eye flight to Grandmother’s house or loading up the kids for a cross-country trek to spend the holidays on the beach, travel during this time of year is hectic. Articles that address common concerns and give simple solutions tend to see good performance.

How to get more out of your MAT releases

As you’ve seen above, including MAT releases in your campaigns is an effective way to significantly increase the number of eyes on your content. But, if you want to add some extra oomph to your product release during the holiday season, you have a few options. These ideas all relate to the digital portion of MAT releases.

1. Get social media in the picture

Many MAT release packages include print and digital opportunities for distribution. In our new Premium MAT offering, we also have a social amplification option. This is a perfect way to get one piece of content seen in as many channels as possible.

With social amplification, you can partner with the media publisher who’s posting your MAT release and take advantage of all the fans and followers they have on Facebook.

2. Think clickable

You want to make your print headlines attention-grabbing, and the same can be said for online ones. No, no clickbait, please, but you DO want to make your article titles enticing — what we call “thumb-stopping.” (As in, you’re absent-mindedly scrolling through a content feed online, but something interests you so much, your thumb stops on the screen.)

3. Look into all your amplification options

Content syndication, audience targeting, native advertising options: there are so many ways to upgrade your digital MAT release. With our Premium MAT release, you can add on two extra options for additional distribution: owned media amplification and publisher amplification:

  • Owned media amplification includes boosting your content on various special interest and news sites, driving traffic directly to your web page.
  • Publisher amplification has the same premise, but drives the traffic back to the publisher’s site.

Both options include audience targeting, based on location, interest and device.

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Act now

Holiday content becomes irrelevant after January 1, unlike other content, which can run for four months. With a shorter timeline, it’s important to plan, write and distribute your content well before the holidays hit. As we get closer to the holidays, more and more brands submit content, so your competition for placement increases. The sooner you act, the more time your article will have to secure earned media coverage.

Editors start asking for holiday content as soon as September, so if you haven’t yet submitted content for distribution, it’s time to get started! And if you don’t have time to plan or write your article, let Brandpoint help.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in September, 2013 and has been updated for relevancy and comprehensiveness.

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