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Your lead generation and marketing automation programs are only as good as the content you use to fuel them.

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Lead generation is crucial to sustaining and growing a business. Content is the best way to do it.

The biggest success metrics for B2B content marketers has traditionally been more organic traffic. However, according to the annual Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs study, last year saw a dramatic switch: Lead generation and sales are the two biggest goals for content marketers going forward.

Around 80% of B2B buyers conduct their own research online before engaging with a vendor. That means 80% of the time, your content is your buyer’s first impression. And if you’re not answering the questions they’re asking Google, you’re already behind.

Turning a stranger into a sales-ready lead is the ultimate goal, but just because someone filled out a form doesn’t make them a qualified lead.

As a result, more companies are seeing content as the best way to fuel their lead-generation and marketing-automation programs throughout the entire buyer journey.

The problem: you need a ton of automated content

content creation for lead generationCreating enough quality content remains one of the biggest challenges among organizations trying to implement a lead generation and marketing automation plan. According to the 2016 Demand Gen Content Preferences Survey, 47% of B2B buyers viewed more than three pieces of content before engaging in a sales conversation.

In addition, there are dozens of marketing automation platforms to choose from and they all have one thing in common: They all require fire hose of great content to work and nurture your leads through their journey to becoming your customer.  But creating high quality content geared specifically for lead generation and marketing automation is expensive. It requires a really good plan, significant industry and writing expertise and a lot of resources.

Our content will help you generate and nurture leads

Brandpoint’s content creation services will fuel your lead generation and marketing automation program at a fraction of the price of doing it on your own.  As part of your inbound marketing plan, we offer innovative ideas to create useful, interesting and effective content for a range of industries from technology to finance, pharma to logistics and more.

Our in-house writers average 12 years experience and, along with our experienced strategists and designers, Brandpoint can add significant bandwidth and experience to your own marketing team.

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