Turning One PR Pro Into a Content Machine

Top 10 largest DMAs in the US

Total audience over 140 million

Audience of 36 million in NYC and LA

The Challenge

Erin Mathe is a solo PR pro who writes, coaches and manages media programs for all types of brands in different industries.┬áBut with all her clients, she can only create so much content and send so many pitches in one day. One of her clients, a whey protein powder company, was ready to launch a new flavor of protein powder and enlisted Erin’s help to get the message out. That’s when she turned to us.

We worked closely with Erin to create a series of tip-based articles aimed at reaching and engaging workout enthusiasts and health nuts alike. The articles featured both tips for staying in shape and recipes using her client’s new protein powder.

We helped her flesh out the elements of the article and find the right angle. We created the content, found the optimal spots for product mentions and distributed it on our exclusive content distribution network. We generated an online audience of over 140 million and their content was placed in the top 10 demographic areas in the country.

What We Did


  • Generate significant brand awareness for Erin’s client
  • Reach a fitness- and health-focused audience in major DMAs
  • Support Erin’s core branding and media campaigns with quality branded content


  • Secured placements in the 10 biggest DMAs in the US
  • Reached an audience of over 36 million in New York City and LA alone
  • Reached a mobile audience of over 72 million

“Though I work with the media a lot and feel like I have a good gauge for what they’ll be interested in, it’s helpful to get Brandpoint’s perspective and guidance to either point me in the right direction or confirm that my gut was correct.”

-Erin Mathe, Mathe Communications

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