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Meet the client

A 30-year-old family-owned tape converter specializes in converting adhesive tapes with custom machinery designed and built by their team of skilled in-house engineers. With extensive experience across a wide range of industries, they have successfully executed projects in diverse sectors including aerospace, construction, electronics, industrial, medical and many others.


At the start of the project, the versatile materials converter was facing several challenges, including driving website traffic, increasing organic traffic and improving its medical market presence. The company wanted to engage their audience and drive more qualified leads.


Brandpoint’s approach began with industry research and a deep discovery of the company. From there, keyword research helped give form to the themes and language that the target audience would respond to. A message map helped shore up the company’s value proposition and differentiators within an optimized web experience that attracted and engaged the desired audience.


Brandpoint got to work with foundational keyword research, which helped identify relevant and high-performing keywords for optimization. Brandpoint then developed a message map specifically tailored for the medical market, ensuring consistent and effective communication across all marketing channels, including the website itself.


Brandpoint writers created optimized web content, designers crafted an effective user experience and the SEO experts performed a technical audit to guide the improvement of the website’s performance. All of which drove increased organic traffic.


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Increase SERP impressions
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Increase SERP clicks

The increased SERP impressions and clicks demonstrate the enhanced visibility and engagement with the target audience. The implementation of the content strategy and optimized web content contributed to improved organic traffic and audience engagement. These outcomes collectively benefit the target audience by making it easier to find reliable information, validation of the materials converter as a trusted source and availability to tailored solutions.

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engagement rate

Brandpoint measured the engagement rate of organic search through comprehensive analytics and tracking. This metric indicates the percentage of users who engaged with the website after finding it through organic search, highlighting the effectiveness of Brandpoint’s strategy in attracting and engaging the audience through organic search channels.

  • 4 of the 10 most visited pages from organic search are blog posts

By investing in meticulously crafted and search engine optimized blog content, the materials converter successfully harnessed a powerful driver for generating organic traffic and fostering enhanced user engagement on their website.

The comprehensive content strategy, including blogs, eBooks, case studies and social media posts, resulted in increased audience engagement. By providing valuable insights, addressing industry trends, and showcasing the company’s expertise, the family-owned materials converter successfully established thought leadership and generated interest among the target audience.

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