Sam Richter

See how this keynote speaker used Brandpoint’s Expert Series to amplify his thought leadership presence 

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Sam Richter is an internationally known keynote speaker on subjects such as sales intelligence and digital reputation management. He leads workshop programs and gives motivational speeches around the world, sharing his knowledge of online information and how to win more business. 

Sam partnered with Brandpoint to help amplify his personal brand through thought leadership with a bylined Expert Series article published on media sites like USA Today and LA Times.

Leveraging top-tier media sites for social advocacy

Brandpoint worked with Sam Richter to create and distribute a bylined article featuring his web search secrets for conducting research on potential clients. This article was published on well-known publications, and Sam was able to share the links on his own social media channels.  

By posting these articles on his own networks, such as on LinkedIn, Sam was able to boost his credibility by promoting his content on these influential news media sites. 

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