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Our Approach

Royal Purple is well regarded as a superior synthetic motor oil by many car enthusiasts. Royal Purple’s challenge was breaking through to mainstream consumers, both driving awareness and educating the general public about other choices in oil beyond the big brands, emphasizing the benefits of switching to a synthetic oil.

PR was an integral part of this awareness and education campaign, but internal resources alone couldn’t generate the broad national reach required to meet the challenges.

Based on editorial calendars, seasonality and national interest, Royal Purple worked with Brandpoint to develop and distribute a series of informative articles such as “Keep your engines cool when temperatures heat up” and “Tips for prepping lawn tools in the spring.”

Brandpoint’s editors looked over each article submission to ensure the subject and writing style would satisfy both publishers and readers.

Then Brandpoint distributed the articles through our exclusive online distribution network, generating placements in some of the country’s top 100 dailies.



  • Boost Royal Purple’s brand awareness
  • Reach a wide consumer base beyond the auto enthusiast and after market audience
  • Educate consumers about performance benefits of using synthetic Royal Purple motor oil


  • Royal Purple content reached major markets across the United States
  • Articles averaged 882 placements
  • Average print ad value totaled $38,439
  • Average online ad value totaled $305,912

Brandpoint has provided us with a seamless process to distribute our articles to media outlets nationwide, both in print and online. My account executive has become a trusted partner to bounce ideas off of and even remind me of upcoming editorial calendar deadlines well-matched to our campaign so I don’t miss any opportunities. They are a great source for getting our story in front of consumers.

– Marlena Solomon, Communications Specialist, Royal Purple

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