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How a restaurant supply company took a strategic approach to revitalizing their buyer’s journey, driving conversions with better content

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Meet the client

Restaurant Technologies is dedicated to helping commercial kitchens become more sustainable while saving time, labor and money. 


Restaurant Technologies required assistance with building out a content strategy that engages its customers and prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. They needed a partner who could help them throughout the entire process, from the initial strategy to the execution and results reporting.  


The Brandpoint team focused on developing SEO-optimized content and measuring KPIs, hoping to better engage Restaurant Technologies’ customers throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey. Brandpoint and Restaurant Technologies identified three main goals to work toward:

  • Driving organic traffic with SEO-optimized content 
  • Engage customers onsite with content that provides solutions to their pain points 
  • Increase CRO through well-defined goals, testing and optimization 


The Brandpoint team started their approach with a content audit, digging in deep to clarify client needs. After the audit, Brandpoint identified a few areas to provide further value to Restaurant Technologies’ consumers throughout the entire customer journey. 

  • Monthly newsletter that opens up communication with customers and prospects
  • Nurture campaign that includes specific conversion goals
  • Website optimizations to create a better user experience
  • Monthly reporting through Google Data Studio


After over a year of working closely with the Restaurant Technologies team, Brandpoint helped achieve major goals and created a smoother lead generation process and customer journey. Check out these results:

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Monthly newsletter

The monthly newsletter boasted an average open rate of 32% and decreased the bounce rate from 59% to 2%. The newsletter also generated a total of 1,028 clicks to the website. 

Website optimizations

After optimizing the Grease Lock and Oil Management 101 pages on the website,

  • organic pageviews from search engines increased 30% from 285 to 370 monthly and
  • goal completions from organic traffic increased 113%. 

Nurture campaign

While the nurture campaign hasn’t launched yet, it’s fully equipped with all of the tools to drive results and grow leads, including a campaign workflow, message map and email content, landing page content, video content guidance and high value asset guidance.  

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