Ochs, Inc.

See how this insurance benefits provider used content marketing to generate quality leads in a highly regulated industry  

hard leads in 20 days
highly targeted impressions created

Using content marketing tactics to appeal to a niche audience

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ochs, Inc. provides insurance products and employee benefit solutions to clients. They were looking to accelerate their online demand generation activities to help them identify insurance brokers and consultants in small companies in the United States that would be a great fit for their services.  

Delivering helpful content to targeted audiences

Brandpoint worked with the Ochs team to develop a high-value gated asset that touched upon a major pain point for many businesses in their industry. A team of strategists researched the content and talented writers and editors reviewed it for accuracy and readability, ensuring that the asset would appeal to Ochs’ niche industry audience.   

To date, the campaign has exceeded all expectations. They were impressed with the quality and accelerated pace at which Brandpoint was able to deliver new leads, so much so that they opted to pause the campaign to ensure they could properly nurture and follow up with the new contacts that were shared. 


The whitepaper that was published resonated with Ochs’ audience by effectively speaking to a market and pain point that’s driven considerable engagement and positioned the company as a thought leader.  

Secondly, Brandpoint was able to apply multiple layers of demographic, geographic and firmographic targets, and, in turn, deliver over one-third of the targeted lead count in just 20 days

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