Using an omnichannel digital strategy, this pet food company boosted product awareness for their new online brand

Boosting awareness on and offline

NutriSource is a brand of pet food created by Tuffy’s Pet Foods. Tuffy’s is part of a larger corporation, KLN Family Brands, located in Perham, Minnesota, which manufactures a diverse and expanding range of products that adapt to customer preferences.  

As NutriSource began to rebrand online, they saw this as a key opportunity to increase awareness of the nutritional solutions their products provide, as well as drive consumers to request NutriSource in stores. 

Considering all digital channels for a holistic content strategy

Brandpoint designed a multi-channel content campaign for NutriSource’s consumer and retail audiences to enable their sales team, launched a social media content platform for their retail partners and developed a regular content cadence. This was in conjunction with a brand refresh to make the most of their consumer audience online and offline. 

Additionally, Brandpoint also helped segment the NutriSource campaign based on audience profiles and then delivered assets against a campaign timeline that spoke to each of those audiences in a platform-specific way. 


By using website landing page and CTA best practicesBrandpoint was able to interlink retailer-oriented, consumer-focused content utilizing a pillar-cluster model. Creating this evergreen, bottom-of-funnel content that fit into one theme encouraged users to stay on the site and engage with the content longer. 

Overall, blog visits have been increasing an average of 27% month-over-month.

In particular, one blog post created by Brandpoint has been generating 28% of all blog traffic and gets the fifth most organic search traffic to the entire website. This post is also related to dog food, so it has created many conversion opportunities to guide users to NutriSource product pages and to sign up for the newsletter.

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