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MaxWorth Consulting Group, LLC

Learn how this healthcare management consulting firm developed a new lead acquisition channel.

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Getting recognition in a busy digital landscape

MaxWorth Consulting Group, LLC was formed in 2005 and specializes in the evaluation, design and implementation of compensation strategies for the healthcare community.  

The consulting business worked with Brandpoint to help them capture more visibility among the niche searches that were already happening and to help deliver their content to new audiences that hadn’t heard of MaxWorth before. 

They wanted to expand their reach among their core audience of hospital administrators and worked with Brandpoint to help them grow their brand recognition and the demand for MaxWorth Consulting’s services nationwide.   

Creating value-added content to drive traffic

Brandpoint worked with MaxWorth to create a content strategy that encompassed their goals while using content and distribution channels that had been left untapped previously by MaxWorth’s team. 

Because their industry is so niche, Brandpoint recommended that MaxWorth publish whitepapers and case studies to help them convey exactly what they do and showcase their proven success stories. 


MaxWorth Consulting Group has been using the created assets in sales conversations, on LinkedIn, on their website and in an amplification campaign

To date, the campaign has generated better than expected results both in organic and promotional activity. Their average pages visited per session has gone up 3.3% and they have more opportunities than they have had in previous years. 

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