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A globally trusted innovator in delivering cutting-edge engineered materials and solutions across various industries. Renowned as an industry expert, they specialize in custom-engineered materials, thermal management solutions, sealing and protection solutions, and other tailored offerings to meet the specific requirements of their clients.


In their second year of partnership with an industry-leading sealing and thermal solutions provider, Brandpoint continued to prioritize brand awareness and effective audience engagement. Building on the success of the previous year, Brandpoint focused on developing compelling content to generate qualified leads, while simultaneously establishing thought leadership and driving engagement within the company’s target industries.


The plan encompassed focused, cross-channel campaigns that generated interest in niche solutions and engaged newly generated traffic through multiple conversion opportunities. All while ensuring that the content resonated with the target audience across various platforms and channels. 

Brandpoint worked closely with the trusted engineering and manufacturing partner to understand their products, services and value propositions, which helped craft messaging that effectively communicates the partner’s unique selling points to potential customers within the high priority markets. By leveraging Brandpoint’s expertise in strategic planning, content creation optimization and performance reporting, the partnership aimed to further position the partner as an industry leader and achieve tangible business growth within targeted verticals.


The trusted innovator and Brandpoint created a powerful digital marketing ecosystem through optimized landing pages, high-quality content development, targeted campaign implementation and performance measurement that allowed data-driven optimizations and continued refinement. Brandpoint expertly crafted industry-specific white papers, which were housed on dedicated landing pages. From there, LinkedIn campaigns were launched to effectively drive traffic to these dedicated landing pages, fostering user engagement and incentivizing white paper downloads.


The initiative allowed the client to not only target and capture valuable traffic for priority solutions, it also played a key role in turning said traffic into new leads and elevating over all user experience, providing actionable insights and measurable results.

In a YoY comparison to date:

1 %
Increase in Web traffic
5 %
Increase average time on site
6 %
increased goal completions

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