Equals 3, LLC

This tech company used Brandpoint’s Expert Series to showcase their thought leadership to a national audience

Generating buzz around a technology product

Equals 3, LLC wanted to introduce their AI marketing tool, Lucy, to a broad audience. Their managing partner and founder, Dan Mallin, was the expert to bring Lucy’s benefits to a national stage. The main goal of the campaign was to generate awareness by distributing a video to national news outlets. 

Securing top-tier media placements of thought leadership content

Brandpoint worked with Equals 3 to create content through the Expert Series offering, producing an editorial video interviewing Dan Mallin about Lucy. Once that was created, the video and bylined article were distributed to media news sites in Brandpoint’s industry-leading network.  

Equals 3, LLC then shared the links that the coverage generated on their social media business profiles. Their leadership and sales teams also shared the content with their social networks, further amplifying the story and bringing more direct awareness to the activation of the campaign. 

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