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Find out how Brandpoint’s gated asset development team and CPL network generated hundreds of leads in one month.

Leads Generated in 1 Month
Targeted Impressions in 1 month
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Generating leads for a new product

Deluxe Corporation is a global Fortune 500 company that has helped consumers, small businesses, corporations and financial institutions thrive for over 100 years. They were looking to position a new product solution for their integrated receivables line of business. Looking to Brandpoint for help, Deluxe wanted to generate new leads and drive visitors back to their website for more information.

Educational gated assets were distributed to the right audiences

Brandpoint and Deluxe created eight gated asset campaigns that educated their target audience, financial professionals. These high-value pieces of content — including eBooks, whitepapers and analyst reports — showcased Deluxe’s modern and authoritative brand and were distributed to a very targeted audience in the industry.

The next steps included adding assets to the mix to provide fresh content to consumers, garner deeper insights based on performance and conduct A/B testing with headlines and creative formats.

Content Marketing Goals

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Develop Gated Assets

Creation of eight high-value pieces of content.

Generate Leads

These gated assets were distributed to targeted audiences to gather prospects.

Drive Visitors

The content was created to direct readers back to Deluxe’s website.


The accelerated pace that these leads were delivered is attributed to the quantity of quality content that was distributed. These eight pieces of original content were a variety of creative content formats that combined in-depth research and information with stunning visual design 

With 240 leads generated in only one month and over 16,000 targeted impressions earned in the same amount of time, Brandpoint and Deluxe were both happy with the campaigns they created.  

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