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Meet the client

A reputable manufacturer that serves as a reliable partner for OEMs in the automotive, computer, electronics, and medical sectors. They specialize in producing custom graphics, such as printed decorative and functional overlays, appliques, and pressure-sensitive products.


When the innovative graphic manufacturing company sought to enhance their online presence, they turned to Brandpoint for expert guidance. Recognizing the significance of a seamless user experience and powerful local SEO strategies, Brandpoint focused on optimizing their website to drive organic traffic and generate valuable leads.


Brandpoint devised a comprehensive strategy, focusing on several key initiatives. These included conducting extensive keyword research and integrating the findings into content planning. A thorough website audit was performed to identify areas for technical and content improvements. Special attention was given to the company’s product lines to enhance the user experience and drive conversions. Additionally, targeted search advertising was employed to boost visibility and optimize campaign performance.


To execute the strategy effectively, Brandpoint implemented various tactics. Landing pages were optimized for specific product lines, providing valuable content, user-friendly experiences, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to generate qualified leads. Furthermore, paid LinkedIn advertising was utilized to reach the target industries of the custom graphics manufacturer, increasing awareness and driving traffic to the optimized landing pages. Regular performance monitoring and quarterly reporting allowed for data-driven insights and continuous optimization of results.


The collaboration between Brandpoint and the custom graphics manufacturer produced remarkable results in the first quarter of implementation:
1 %
Increase in Web traffic
2 %
increase in engagement rate
6 %
growth in conversions
Since partnering with Brandpoint in 2022, the client experienced a notable 26% increase in both SERP (Search Engine Results Page) impressions and clicks year over year. These outcomes highlight the effectiveness of Brandpoint’s strategies in driving improvements in website performance, engagement, and overall online success for the graphics manufacturer.

Through the implementation of optimized landing pages, targeted search advertising, and strategic reporting, Brandpoint successfully helped the custom graphics manufacturer achieve their objectives of driving organic traffic, enhancing engagement, and generating valuable leads. This showcases the power of well-defined SEO practices and user-focused content development in delivering growth in lead generation for businesses like creative graphic manufacturers.

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