How to Turn Complex Expertise Into Approachable Content

Our Approach

Our client, an industry-leading semiconductor and technology manufacturer, has been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded 30 years ago. But their business has been expanding rapidly over the last several years and they needed their content marketing efforts to keep up.

As a B2B company in a highly technical and complex field, they were looking to refresh their brand, shine a spotlight on their changing company culture while positioning themselves as leaders and innovators in the world of technology.

Brandpoint worked closely with them to understand the complex semiconductor industry, their vast array of products and services, their unique organization, and their diverse audience.

After a full audit of their existing assets, pages and profiles, Brandpoint addressed our client’s unique challenges and goals with a combination of new content, a robust distribution strategy and a better, more consistent social media presence.


  • Organize and create consistency across all digital channels
  • Increase website traffic and brand awareness
  • Develop content and publishing voices for social media
  • Develop a strong employer brand and bolster digital recruiting efforts


  • Increased website traffic by 127% in the first two years
  • Reached an average of over 30,000 social media users and over 200 engagements each month
  • Landed 600+ placements per month on reputable domains like Huffington Post, NY Daily News, USA Today, Business Insider, and Daily Mail US
  • Launched a successful blog series to help them establish a cohesive employer brand

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