Social Media Strategy

Tell your brand’s story on the right social media channels

There are 3.5 billion active social media users in the world right now, and that number just keeps growing. Having a social media presence with your brand is not only a good idea, but a non-negotiable at this point in the game.  

Building your community on platforms that your users spend their digital time on, you’ll be able to reach potential customers where they’re at. Like a good content strategy, a social media strategy needs to consider your business objectives, the resources at your disposal, your buyer personas and their respective customer journeys.

A solid social media marketing plan will help you grow your audience, engage your prospects and increase brand loyalty.

Our multi-channel social media strategies will help you hit your business goals

Brandpoint knows the value of evolving with marketing trends and staying on top of new platforms, channels and ways to communicate with different audiences. Each brand’s approach to their social media strategy all depends on the goals you’re looking to achieve.

After identifying your audience’s preferences and habits, we’ll take a look at your conversion funnel to come up with custom campaigns that reach the right eyes with the right messaging.

Whether you want to use your internal resources to execute on your strategy or enlist Brandpoint’s team, we’ll help you decide on KPIs, set benchmarks and measure the results of your engagement. Our creative team develops custom written and graphic content that matches your brand personality for every channel.

To have a successful and engaging social media presence, you need to dedicate time to creating a strategy for each of the channels your company publishes on. This article explains how and why.

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