Sales-Ready Lead Program.
Deliver leads to your team.

  • Generate leads with a high-value gated asset
  • Nurture those leads with a strategic email program
  • Deliver nurtured leads to your sales team

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A turn-key solution to generate warm leads for your sales team

Brandpoint’s Sales-Ready Lead Program delivers targeted guaranteed leads who have opted in to receive a client’s gated content asset, have been nurtured with a series of emails and scored for prioritized sales follow up based on their engagement.

This is a completely turnkey program. Brandpoint does all the content creation, email delivery and administration and delivers nurtured, scored sales-ready leads for less than most clients currently pay for a cold, unnurtured Pay Per Click lead.

How does it work?

Brandpoint manages the whole process for you:

  • Content Creation
  • Paid media
  • Email nurture
  • Lead scoring

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