Deliver Leads To Your B2B Sales Team in Record Time

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Having trouble getting enough leads for your sales team?
  • No time or system to nurture the leads you do have?
  • Lacking a comprehensive lead generation strategy?
  • Paying too much for leads that go nowhere?

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A turn-key solution to generate warm leads for your sales team

Brandpoint’s Sales-Ready Lead Program delivers targeted, guaranteed prospects who you know are interested in what you have to say. They have opted in to receive your high-value content asset, and then are nurtured with a series of emails that build value and reinforce brand recognition. Those leads are delivered to you weekly, with an engagement score that indicates just how sales-ready they are so your sales team can prioritize outreach.

And it’s a completely turnkey program. Brandpoint takes care of all the content creation, email delivery and administration, and delivers sales-ready leads for less than most clients currently pay for a cold, unnurtured pay-per-click lead.

How does it work?

Here is your journey to increasing leads:


Do you want to stand out in a saturated market and generate affordable, high-quality leads? If so, you're a perfect partner for our program.


After a 1-hour meeting with your team, Brandpoint will understand your unique business offering, ideal customer and their pain points.

Content Creation

Brandpoint will take over from here! We'll get to work creating engaging graphic and written content that will get your customer's attention.

Lead Nurturing

After your content is distributed, we'll start getting your leads sales-ready through a custom email campaign.

Lead Sharing

Your first batch of sales-qualified leads will be delivered in less than four weeks! These lists of scored and warm leads will arrive weekly throughout the duration of our partnership.

Increase Business

Your sales team is now ready to start conversations with these leads! They've raised their hands and need your help, solution and expertise.

Did you know?

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Businesses that nurture leads via email see a 50% increase in sales-ready leads.
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Content marketing drives 300% more leads than paid search advertising.
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79% of marketers cite email as their most effective demand generation channel.
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What does your lead generation strategy look like?

If you’re struggling to acquire leads, get leads to progress down the funnel, or if you end up sending leads to your sales team before they’re ready to for a conversation, Brandpoint can help.

Brandpoint’s Sales-Ready Lead Program expands your lead generation reach, and manages your lead nurturing while freeing you up for other work at the same time.

Through the creation and distribution of gated content, Brandpoint was able to help our client, Deluxe, generate more than 1,600 impressions and deliver 240 leads in just one month.

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