Native Advertising and Content Amplification Services

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Native advertising helps you compete with the massive amount of content online

As a form of paid media, native ads integrate high-quality branded content into the organic or “native” experience of a given platform, like websites, mobile apps and social media channels. The content maintains the look and feel of the platform they’re placed on, resulting in a non-disruptive user experience. 

Native ads are attention grabbers that drive traffic to your website and create awareness around your campaigns. Because native ads integrate with their host and rely on quality content for their value, they’re an ideal way to get your content seen. Native ads are proven to significantly outperform standard display ads. 

Our content amplification services drive targeted traffic

Content amplification is Brandpoint’s robust native advertising offering, designed to help boost traffic and grow your online audience. We use a variety of content discovery platforms like Taboola, Outbrain and StackAdapt to place a piece of your content on a variety of popular media sites. 

Since we employ a multi-platform approach, we can deliver anything from a broad reach to a highly targeted campaign. With our content discovery partners, we provide robust targeting capabilities including specific metro or key demographic areas, relevant topics or even devices. 

Our Proven Process

Headline Writing

We’ve developed a trusted headline-writing process that lets us zero in on the most effective title for your content. We’ll write and test headlines for optimal traffic.

Flat Pricing

CPC campaigns can fluctuate dramatically. Our flat pricing model guarantees you the number of clicks at a locked-in price, ensuring you don’t get any surprises.


We manage it all. We load the photos, test headlines, manage bidding and report on the most crucial metrics.

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