Email Marketing

Email marketing generates $38 for every $1 invested

While email marketing may seem like a traditional (and maybe old-fashioned) method of marketing, this tactic is still extremely effective for reaching your audience and for generating revenue.  

By focusing on different ways to connect, you’ll be able to reach your leads at all stages of their customer journey, from informational newsletters to demographic-targeted messaging that speaks directly to their specific pain points and needs.  

Brandpoint excels at creating engaging email marketing campaigns and strategies

Creating enough quality content remains one of the biggest challenges among organizations trying to implement an email marketing strategy to nurture leads. Brandpoint can help you ideate and write this content to fill all your campaigns.  

Types of Email Marketing Tactics

Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

We’ll write a series of emails focused on moving your leads through your sales funnel as quickly as possible. Send your leads resources, case studies and other content to convince them that you’re the right solution for them. These campaigns can be focused on specific industries, job positions or any other segment you think would be beneficial for your brand.

Event and Webinar Invitations

Our writers will boost your event promotions with beautifully branded email invitations. For seamless branding, we develop custom graphics and landing page content to dazzle your guests and maximize your registration and attendance rates.

Autoresponder Email Messaging 

We’ll write the perfect automated follow-up emails to go along with any form on your website. Whether you want to confirm you received a contact form submission or deliver a piece of gated content, Brandpoint will create the right message to increase engagement and encourage action.

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