Strategy Services

Your content strategy is the map that connects your business goals with the content you create.

Without having a strategy in place, the content you create is just… well, just words. Content marketing success isn’t just posting a blog or two, sending out a tweet and waiting for the traffic to pour in.

No, content marketing is a long-term play. One that you invest time in planning and one that will pay off if done right, like building a house on a solid foundation.

The first step to hitting your business goals through content marketing is forming a data-driven plan, documenting your process and deciding how you’ll measure your efforts along the way. You need to take the time to understand your audience, how they interact with content and their decision-making process before you start brainstorming content topics. Without the research and planning, your content will just collect virtual dust.

Brandpoint uses a suite of SEO, analytics and artificial intelligence tools to create a strategy that targets your audience, maximizes your resources and helps you create more relevant content. We’ll sit down with you and your team to figure out what we can do to hit the goals that are a priority for you, set benchmarks and adjust the plan if needed as time passes.

Brandpoint's Content Strategy Capabilities

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher with technical and on-page optimizations.

Social Media Strategy

Tell your brand's story on the right social media channels.

Marketing Automation

Run a more efficient and effective content creation strategy.

Audience Analysis

Learn who you're talk to before you start creating content.

Employer Branding

Attract and retain top talent with content marketing.

Content Audit & Topic Ideation

Plan which content topics make the most sense for your goals and maximize the success of the content you already have.

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