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It's more difficult than ever to get your brand's message in front of the right people.

Brandpoint's distribution gives you guaranteed media placements to help you stand out among the chaos.

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We have the largest distribution network in the industry.

Without the right audience, your content is not nearly as effective as it should be. To generate brand awareness, leads and website traffic, you need to use native advertising and sponsored content strategies to maximize the number of eyes on what you’ve created. But, even then, what’s the right tactic? The paid media industry is always evolving, so it can be hard to know what the right play is at the right time.

That’s where Brandpoint comes in.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been building the largest MAT release distribution network in the industry, giving you access to a massive print, desktop and mobile audience with the highest quality content. We’ll help you secure 1,000+ print and online placements and reach more than 130 million people every time.

Our solutions are more robust and innovative than any provider out there, combining our writing expertise and graphic design talent with our strong media partnerships. Trust Brandpoint to exceed your expectations with tangible and measurable results.

Brandpoint's Content Distribution Capabilities

MAT Release

Secure over 1,000 print and online placements of your content.

Fixed-Cost Lead Generation

Earn high-quality leads by strategically promoting your gated assets.

Premium MAT Release

Amplify your MAT release for additional engagement.

Native Advertising

Drive valuable clicks and traffic to your own content.

CBD Marketing

Distribute and promote your CBD brand while following guidelines.

Expert Series

Get your thought leadership in front of top-tier media sites.

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