Audience Analysis

Understanding your audience is the first step to reaching them

The first step in writing ANY content is figuring out who you’re talking to. Without that piece of information, any blog post or website copy you write has the potential to be aimless, generic and not nearly as helpful as it could be.

Conducting a full analysis on your audience will help you keep track of the important stuff about who you’re trying to reach. Knowing who they are, what their pain points and values are, which content formats they’re drawn to and what they’re looking for in a product or service will help you always publish the most valuable content.

Example audience analysis slide from Brandpoint strategy

Brandpoint has the right tools and the questions to determine your buyer personas

Using information from a combination of sources including artificial intelligence, stakeholder and customer interviews, website analytics and research, Brandpoint will identify the perfect message, channels and formats for your audience.  

After answering these questions down below, our strategists will begin topic generation, rebranding initiatives and social media marketing plans. Our strategy is data-driven, robust and will set your organization up for long-term success.   

Where Our Strategy Starts

Which personas make up your audience?

Brandpoint will use the tools at our disposal to learn who your current and ideal audiences are.

Where is your audience?

We’ll pinpoint not only your audience’s geographical location but which social media platforms, forums, browsers and devices your audience uses the most. 

What content do they find engaging?

Using AI to see what content your audience likes, we’ll brainstorm topics that they’ll find the most interesting and useful.

Personify and organize your company’s different buyer personas with this downloadable template, and you can then start focusing on how to reach them in unique and meaningful ways.

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