Financial Services

Use content marketing to hit your financial service business goals

Life as a marketer for a financial services institution can be difficult. Helping people with their money can be a sensitive subject, and with so many regulations and laws surrounding the industry, knowing what you can and can’t say can make it even more complicated.  

By using content marketing tactics, teams at financial service industries can build trust and tell their story in an informational, yet helpful way. Blogs, graphics and videos, research studies and high-quality resources are a great way to educate your audience all while strengthening the authority and importance of your brand.   

Let us tell your story in a highly regulated, complex industry

Over the years, Brandpoint has worked with many types of financial services institutions, such as banks, credit unions and financial planning companies. In this time, we’ve learned what it means to write for this industry: a strict adherence to regulations, a heavy focus on regaining trust after security issues and market crashes, and a major emphasis on humanizing and breaking down complicated subjects into easily digestible content.  

Working with Brandpoint will grant you access to our team of in-house writers who have created articles, eBooks, on-page copy, infographics and research studies for many money-related companies in the country. We’ll work directly with your team to make sure we follow your brand’s tone and values while creating your marketing assets and strategy.    

What We Can Do:

Write for Your Audience

We have experience following financial services guidelines and can speak directly to your audience.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Follow financial services and Google standards for an effective and successful digital presence.

Break Down Complex Subjects

Use a mix of design and copy to tell your story in a compelling and easy-to-understand way.

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