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The world of public relations is always changing. It’s no secret that print media is slowing down, but that doesn’t mean that sponsored content is going anywhere anytime soon. Creating lightly branded articles to be placed in the nation’s top media publications is key to staying on top of the trends and in the minds of the consumers you want to target.  

Earning placements for your client’s campaigns focus on audience numbers and engagement levels. A quick turnaround is incredibly beneficial to executing these plans and immediate reporting is just as essential. Brandpoint can help you with all of this and more.  

We’ve been doing this since 1996. It’s in our blood.

We started this company over twenty years ago by creating and distributing MAT releases, but we soon transformed into the primary storytelling partner for our clients who wanted to stay ahead of quickly changing media trends. 

Believe us when we say: we know what editors want. 

By working with Brandpoint for your marketing fulfillment and strategy needs, you’ll have a partner who understands what it means to create quality content that appeals to a specific audience. You’ll also be working with a team who has seen many trends come and go and who has their fingers on the pulse of what’s still to come. From video marketing to CBD distribution to infographics to social engagement amplification, we’re always working towards helping agencies find the next, most effective tactic.  

Brandpoint's Capabilities

Industry-Specific MAT Releases

Whatever your client’s industry, from pharma to financial services to consumer products and more, our team can write for you.

Targeted Distribution Capabilties

Looking to just hit certain demographics or areas of the country? We can tailor your plan to your campaign’s needs. 

Graphic Design Services

Infographics, animated videos, slideshows, image sourcing – whatever you need for a compelling article, we can create it. 

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