The Brandpoint MAT Release

Get Valuable Media Coverage with the Brandpoint MAT Release

If you’re looking for print and online media placements with exposure to millions of readers, the Brandpoint MAT release is your answer.

MAT releases allow brands to leverage their own content and the credibility of third-party media companies while reaching consumers on the local news sites they frequent daily. We can generate more than 1,000 total placements – every time. Your brand will also reach an audience of more than 125 million on desktop and mobile devices.

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Our exclusive distribution network features many top 100 dailies, including the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, Providence Journal, Orlando Sentinel and many more.

MAT Release articles subtly weave in relevant brand messages to informative and entertaining content in a variety of topics, including:

  • Home and Garden
  • Health
  • Food
  • Personal Finance
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Education and Careers
  • Weddings
  • Seniors

Quick Reads

It’s not easy to generated earned media placements in print newspapers. It means endless hours of pitching editors on the merits of your brand’s story with often mixed results.

For a better chance at print placements, we’ve added the “Quick Reads” format as an add-on to any MAT release. Quick Reads are short (100 to 150 word) news briefs that incorporate brand messaging into easily digestible editorial content. Brandpoint has a guaranteed distribution partnership with one of the biggest newspaper companies in the U.S. Simply put, our Quick Reads get picked-up.

Why Quick Reads?

We’re currently clocking an 80 percent pick-up rate meaning your content has a better chance of getting published. Quick Reads also helps increase print placement totals drastically.

  • Home and Garden: 46% average increase
  • Food: 75% average increase
  • Health: 103% average increase

In addition to higher placement rates, Quick Reads tend to get section-front placement in the most popular consumer sections. Newspaper editors love them. They’re easy to read and able to fit almost anywhere.

All that, plus you’re guaranteed one brand mention and we’ll have it in your performance report within two weeks. Quick Reads are totally free when you purchase a MAT release from Brandpoint.

Content Distribution Network

How can we deliver massive audience numbers every single time? We partner with the largest collection of media sites in the industry, creating the biggest content distribution network you can find.

For over a decade, we’ve developed content partnerships with weekly and daily print and online newspapers and other online media sites. The majority of these partnerships are exclusive to Brandpoint. The breadth of our media network allows us to cater to niche audiences that are in high demand.

Pharma Distribution

Pharma companies face significant barriers to telling compelling brand stories:

  • The pharma industry is heavily regulated, and everything, including marketing copy, needs to go through rigorous legal review.
  • Pharma content needs to include side effect disclaimers and other ISI (important safety information).

At Brandpoint, we’ve built a proprietary network of online media partners. They will publish our clients’ pharma content – and just as importantly, they won’t make any edits to the copy.

Spanish Language Distribution

Our Hispanic distribution network consists of U.S. based Hispanic news sites, as well as daily and weekly newspaper sites. All content is written and distributed in Spanish and boasts impressive numbers:

  • 1,000 online media placement average
  • 50 million site audience on desktop computers
  • 35 million site audience on mobile devices

Premium MAT release

If you’re looking to blend powerful MAT release results along with sophisticated native advertising and sponsored content, you’re in luck.

Brandpoint’s Premium MAT Release combines our flagship MAT release with some of the best targeting, content amplification and mobile marketing you can find.

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