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Having a partner focused on delivering the same metrics and results you’re aiming for with your clients can be invaluable. Even more so, a partner who has consistent delivery, great client service and a deluge of new ideas leaves you happy and wanting more.

As that partner, we know that we only win when you win. And as the definition of success evolves with the changing needs of your clients, we’ll be there for you—delivering guaranteed results that you can count on and some fun together along the way.

At Your Fingertips

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World-class partnerships

Key services and valued outcomes

Deliver thousands of media placements and drive awareness for B2C brands in top-tier media outlets.

Supercharge a MAT Release with measurable outcomes like site traffic and consumer engagement.

Boost your brand, individual credibility by socially sharing thought leadership content from top media sites.

Guaranteed Results

Get your brand messages out with guaranteed outreach, traffic and engagement metrics.

Audience Targeting

Reach your intended targets by geographic, demographic, and behavioral criteria.

Creative Services

Tell your story by creating video and infographics that get your message out in a compelling format.

How can I amplify my efforts?

  • Take advantage of all the guaranteed media placements and audience metrics of the MAT Release
  • Decide where you want to engage your target audience, whether on the brand’s website, a top-tier media site, or Facebook and Instagram
  • Drive guaranteed outcomes including traffic and engagement metrics

Are you looking for guaranteed coverage?

How do I magnify my thought leadership reach?

  • We produce a video interview or bylined article from your expert
  • The content is published on premium media sites, including LA Times
  • You share the placements on Facebook, LinkedIn and other outlets
  • You leverage the credibility and implied endorsement of premium media sites to enhance your brand via social advocacy

Creative Services

How do I intensify the creative in my content?

  • On-site video production team creates video solutions to showcase your campaign by using the most popular format for brand content
  • We create compelling infographics to round out your marketing plans, including copywriting, editing and design work
  • Our graphic design team has experience creating assets for all industries and multiple formats, such as eBooks, blog graphics and sales collateral
  • The content we create will go through an in-house process of research, writing and editing — with your review and approval along the way!

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