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Our SEO audits reveal the technical opportunities that will enhance your site’s overall performance

Technical SEO can be thought of as the infrastructure of the website. For example, you may have a great product or content piece, but if your storefront doesn’t light up, there’s a broken window or two, the interior layout doesn’t make sense and the departments aren’t properly labeled, you’re placing yourself at a great disadvantage with being found and patronized. 

If your website is in a similar state, it likewise is at a great disadvantage to being properly indexed, promoted by search engines, and found by the right visitors. 

Is your content optimized for its intended goals?

Impactful website content gets your visitors to take action to become leads, sales and clients. The Brandpoint team can optimize existing, or create original, content that follows SEO best practices and aligns with your organization’s brand and goals. Some of the elements we look at in our content audits include:  

  • Keyword research  
  • Content-first creation of high-quality copy 
  • Heading structure and word count 
  • Meta descriptions and title tags  
  • Competitive analysis  
  • Industry-specific considerations and language 
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Content is king, but it can’t succeed without engagement optimization

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High-ranking websites are the first step, but once people get on your site, you need to make sure they stay there (and get excited about what they see).  

Engagement optimization also looks across the website to see how well the website as a whole and individual pages are driving traffic to lead magnets and calls-to-action such as email signups or the contact-us page. A website should leverage all its resources and pages to generate demand for its offerings and drive visitors to take desired actions. 

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